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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Black Apple Doll

My friends in my old ward in Washington made these dolls. They actually made a lot of these dolls with the pattern from the Martha Stewart website. I wanted to do one. I was going to do one for Ava's birthday...that came and went. But I HAD to get at least one done for Christmas. And that is what I've done. ONE. But all from scraps. The only thing I had to buy was brown felt. Not bad.

Maybe I'll have time to get one more done before the 25th. Hopefully.

It sure would be easier if I just did it like the pattern said, but of course I had to add sleeves, change the angle of the arms, lengthen the dress, embroider the face and add pig tails. No wonder I've only gotten one done. I do love her though. Hopefully Ava will too.


Sara said...

I LOVE HER!!! I will have to use some of your adjustments for my next dolls. I also love the pig tails...will definitely be doing that. Ava is going to LOVE IT!!!

Geneva said...

I love it Mary!! The fabric is so cute!! ....i do the same thing adjust it and then it takes three times as long. Go to our family blog to see the aprons I made for Hanna's Birthday....they took a while because I pieced some patterns and made it up along the way. Ughh.

Cathy said...

Hey, I almost made one myself. Yours is darling! The pigtails are SO cute.

Jennifer said...

We changed the hair and added sleeves to many of ours too. I hate turning the arms right side out again when I make sleeved though. I sould like a bar hopping biker chick in my head as I'm doing it! I hope Ava loves it.

Mary said...

So cute!