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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Black Apple Doll

My friends in my old ward in Washington made these dolls. They actually made a lot of these dolls with the pattern from the Martha Stewart website. I wanted to do one. I was going to do one for Ava's birthday...that came and went. But I HAD to get at least one done for Christmas. And that is what I've done. ONE. But all from scraps. The only thing I had to buy was brown felt. Not bad.

Maybe I'll have time to get one more done before the 25th. Hopefully.

It sure would be easier if I just did it like the pattern said, but of course I had to add sleeves, change the angle of the arms, lengthen the dress, embroider the face and add pig tails. No wonder I've only gotten one done. I do love her though. Hopefully Ava will too.