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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I love my creative friends

I just have to say thank you to Lisa (and Amy) for being so brilliant and creating this spread. Sometimes my brain just doesn't function and that is when "scraplifting" comes into play. I had done all of Ava's "month" pages from 5 mo. to 12 mo. except this one. I just didn't love the pictures and so had no motivation to scrap it. But now, thanks to Lisa and Amy, I love this spread. And I now love the pictures too. Thanks my creative friends! What would I ever do without you?


Jennifer said...

Mary it really is a great spread. I love the paper and Ava's dress!

Lisa said...

I love it when you can scrapbook a page and then it makes you love the photos. That is the magic of scrapbooking! When I first saw the page I didn't even see the similarity to mine. It's amazing how you can take an idea and come up with something totally different. You are good at 'translating ideas' and making them your own. Love it!!! You just may have inspired me enough to get working!

Geneva said...

Great work mary! The colors you choose totally accent her outfit. Its perfect.